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1000 Raptor Way Sitka, AK, United States


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Alaska Raptor Center, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2024

                     Take a flight this summer as Alaska Raptor Center invites you to a an immersive experience for a cause. The center currently houses 24 Raptors-in-Residence, including bald and golden eagles, hawks, falcons and owls, and learn about their habitats and how they came to be permanent residents at the Center. Each year, the Alaska Raptor Center provides medical treatment to 100-200 injured bald eagles and other birds. Our goal is to release our patients back into the wild; some, however, are injured so severely they could not survive in the wild even after rehabilitation. These birds may join our Raptors-in-Residence, providing excitement and education to visitors and school children.


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Members of the Alaska Raptor Center receive our quarterly newsletter, the Mew Review, to keep up-to-date on happenings here at the Center. Members also receive a 10% discount to our gift shop, where all proceeds go towards healing birds. 

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