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6867 Soledad Canyon Rd, Acton, CA 93510, United States


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Shambala Preserve, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2024

      Shambala, which mean “a meeting place of peace and harmony for all beings, animal and human” is a fantastic place to visit and see big cats up-close. A shelter to over 40 big cats: lions, tigers, cougars, black and spotted leopards, servals, bobcats and Asian leopard cats, who live out their lives at Shambhala saved by authorities form untoward keeping. They are from roadside zoos and private citizens who realize that they have purchased an animal that they can no longer handle. The exotic cat trade is a huge business, just under illegal drugs, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife. It has awesome Wildlife Preservation both fun and educational. This Preserve is  Great for the whole Family,  you feel safe while you are there, and the big Cats and this Sanctuary are just amazing.

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Bobcat/Basic Membership - $25 

Jungle Cat Membership - $50 

Serval Membership - $75 

Mountain Lion Membership - $125

Leopard Membership - $150 

Black Leopard Membership - $300 

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