The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary


1946 County Road 53, Keenesburg, CO 80643, United States


(303) 536-0118

The Wild Animal Sanctuary, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2024

            One of the nation’s biggest sanctuaries for tigers, lions and bears that sits 30 miles northeast of Denver. See more than 290 lions, tigers, bears, leopards, cougars, wolves and other carnivores rescued from illegal or abusive situations, roaming free in species-specific habitats. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is refuge for over 300 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other Large Carnivores that have been rescued from illegal or abusive situations. Visitors can see roaming prides of Lions, groups of Tigers, and wolf packs running freely as they enjoy walking in a fresh  and open country air setting. You can walk on a raised walkway to view the tigers, the lions, the bears, the wolves, the cats and if you're lucky you may see feeding time.


Map of The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary General Admission Ticket

Adults - $30

Children, ages 3-12 - $15

Children, under 3 - Free

Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center is a non-profit entity and operates under the name of The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Admission payments will be used for the care of animals.

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