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12400 SW 152nd St, Miami, FL 33177, United States


(305) 251-0400

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           A zoo that is awesome and a great place for the whole family! Sanctuary for endangered, rare and threatened animals. They have enough space here to give each display lots of room. Most displays are outdoor only. Many animals are not commonly found in other zoos. The animals roam freely in their areas which are surround by a deep moat which the animals do not cross. The result is that you are able to see these animals face to face without looking through a fence. It enables you to take great pictures. Seeing hippos, lions, elephants and bears is this way is like seeing them in the wild. Here you will also see tigers, crocodiles and the infamous Komodo Dragon, plus special animal education programs geared for children of all ages. The coolest animal stunt is the painting elephant- a real elephant, armed with a paintbrush and easel, creating a masterpiece!

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