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         Who would have thought that coming to Hawaii also means seeing African lions, zebras and Indian elephant. Honolulu Zoo is home to a little bit of everything from the animal kingdom. From pink flamingos to African giraffes and  includes more than 64 reptile, 38 mammal and 160 bird species. The highlight is the new African Savannah, a 10-acre exhibit with more than 40 African critters roaming around in the open. The zoo also has a rare Hawaiian nene goose, a Hawaiian pig, and mouflon sheep. For a real treat, take the Zoo by Twilight Tour, which offers a rare behind-the-scenes look into the lives of the zoo's nocturnal residents. Other great family programs include Snooze in the Zoo,where kids can discover "who is roaring and who is snoring", the sleepover includes pizza, tours, and campfire time with s'mores, plus breakfast and a morning stroll.

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