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            With over 400 animals, the Tautphaus Park Zoo is the largest collection of animals in the state of Idaho. Some of the most popular animals in the zoo are the ones found in the North American section. Many of these species are actually found right in Idaho like the American wigeon, the ruddy duck, the white-nosed coati, the American white pelican, and the North American river otter. There is also a Perfect specimen of a lion and lioness, tiger, zebras, and penguins. Fun otter exhibit with underwater viewing with a very good small monkey exhibits. Watch the flock of endangered African Penguins, experience a wallaby mob on the move, discover the gibbons aerobatic abilities or enjoy the antics of the sloth bears. Stop by the Children's Zoo and pat a donkey, feed a goat or just relax on a bench and enjoy the beautifully landscaped grounds.


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