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Maple Lane Wildlife Farm


1843 W Lake St, Topeka, IN 46571, United States



Maple Lane Wildlife Farm, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2024

Maple Lane Wildlife Park opened its doors in 2002 when an Amish man and his wife turned their 19-year hobby of the collecting of exotic animals into a zoo which features 250 animals from between 50 and 60 different species. This zoo is a family run business for young children to experience the different animals and even the older who are young at heart. There are actually 60 different species living on this 25 acre land.

The zoo houses animals, reptiles, and even birds that comes from places such as England, Australia, Canada, Peru, Vietnam, China, India, and Africa. Some animals include deer, foxes, bobcats, birds, and even some domestic animals including sheep, goats, potbellied pigs, and ponies. The young and old can even enjoy rides such as riding on a camel, riding a covered wagon, and even riding the ponies.

Map of Maple Lane Wildlife Farm

Maple Lane Wildlife Farm Coupons and
Season Pass Details for 2024

Maple Lane Wildlife Park Rates


Senior (55yrs and older) = $5

Adult = $7

Child (3yrs to 12yrs)= $4

Child 2yrs and under = FREE!


Camel Ride = $4

Pony Saddle Ride = $3 for 5 laps

Pony Cart Ride = FREE with admission!

Videos of Maple Lane Wildlife Farm - Courtesy of Maple Lane Wildlife Farm