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927 N 343rd St W, Cheney, KS 67025, United States



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The Eagle Valley Raptor Center officially started out in 1998 by taking in over 100 birds of prey such as Eagles, Hawks, and Owls. However, the zoo didn't officially open until 2003 after zoo owners bought 20 acres of land to house these birds. They specialize in taking in injured, poisoned, and orphaned birds. They also have Kites, Falcons, and Vultures. This zoo rehabilitates these birds so they can return to their natural way of life. They also allow field trips from schools and will even come to your school to educate the students and teachers about how these birds affect our life and we affect their life. The zoo also offers guided tours for groups and organizations to be able to come and see the birds up close.  

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Tours must be scheduled ahead of time and may be set up by calling (316) 393-0710 or send an email to raptorcare@aol.com.  Please include your name, contact phone number, and your preferred date and time for the tour.