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Kentucky Reptile Zoo is not only a zoo for visitors to enjoy seeing reptiles of all kinds but it is also used by scientists for the extraction and study of venom. This zoo is also used by medical research for the creation of anti-serum. The zoo has been featured on Animal Planet, the National Geographic Channel, and PBS. It is owned by Jim Harrison. The Kentucky Reptile Zoo officials will come to your school to speak about reptiles and venom extraction. Scientists also use the zoo to learn more about reptile behavior.  

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Adopt a Zoo Animal

Our adoption program gives you the chance to adopt a black mamba without the worry of having to bring it home with you! With our adoptions, you don’t actually receive the animals, but you are able to contribute to their care and their mission of public education. The fee for the adoption is the estimated price to feed and care for that animal during the period of one year.

Click here to view the list of animals available for adoption with the corresponding amount needed by each animal.

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