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419 W 700 S, Logan, UT 84323, United States



Willow Park Zoo, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2023

Willow Park Zoo is a small located in the city of Logan in Utah. It is managed by Willow Park Zoo Foundation, a non-profit organization. The zoo focuses on the study and the conservation of animals as well as the recreation of their visitors. It is home to variety of animals such as elks, lemurs, bobcats including 100 species of birds. They offer feeding and up-close animal encounters. They also have grassy play and picnic areas that is perfect for family bondings and group outings. Bring your family and friends to learn and unwind here at Willow Park Zoo.

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  • Family (3+ individuals): $40.00/year
  • Family (1-2 individuals): $30.00/year
  • Grandparents ( +grandchildren under 18): $40.00/year

Patrons have the opportunity to purchase memberships to Willow Park Zoo that provide added value through reciprocating admission discounts to other participating zoos and Willow Park Zoo social functions.

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