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5907 Nicholson Rd, Franksville, WI 53126, United States



Jo-Don Farms Incorporated, Savings and Zoo Park Description for 2024

Jo-Don Farms is a 30-year old zoo located in Franksville, Wisconsin. They are specialized in educational and recreational animal programs, rides and displays. The zoo houses over 300 animals such as the bengal tiger, zebras, camels and a lot more.

They feature a petting zoo, where children can learn more about exotics animals and a unique experience of a camel ride. If you don't have time to visit the zoo, you can't definitely invite a few animal friends to your preferred location for parties, picnics or family celebration. The staff and the animals are well trained so your safety is ensured. Come and visit Jo-Don Farms and make it a venue for your family or group bondings.

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